JAN 10 2008
Workshop on ISP/NSP Security Workshop held in SANOG 11. This program is organized by ISPAB. Cecil Goldstein & Ryan Connlly from APNIC / Team Cymru was the instructor.
DEC 06 2007
Meeting with JPCERT & MYCERT. Mr. Keisuke Kamata (Group Manager, Information Security Analyst) , Mr. Kenji Murakami (Director of Business Management) from JPCET and Maslina Daud (Head, Security Management & Best Practices), Mr. Mohd Nasir Che Embee (Intursion Analyst) from MYCERT was present in the meeting. They visit Bangladesh to check BDCERT and finalize check list to get APCERT authorization. JPCERT & MYCERT along with BDCERT members meet with BTRC charmain regarding BDCERT.

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