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    Bangladesh Computer Emergency Response Team
    Report Your Incident
    The bdCERT Incident Reporting System provides a secure
    web-enabled means of reporting computer security incidents to bdCERT.
    Report Incident


May 14, 2017 CRITICAL ALERT! Wannacry/ WannaCrypt Ransomware
February 10-12, 2015 : Workshop on "Network Security Management & Cyber Security"
November 09, 2014 : bdCERT activity update in SANOG XXIV
January 27, 2013 : bdCERT activity update in SANOG XXI
June 11, 2012 : Training program on Cyber Attack & Network Forensic
May 26, 2011 : Training Program on Cyber Crime and Computer Forensic
February 03, 2010 : bdCERT participate in SANOG 15
September 14, 2010 : Remote Participation to “IGF 2010″
June 13, 2009 : Training session on “Cyber Crime Trend, Police Preparation and investigation Basic”
December 18, 2008 : bdCERT approved as APCERT General Member

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bdCERT Services

ASN Report

bdCERT provides ASN related activities to ISP, Telecom Operator having there own ASN. For further information please contact info[at]

Network Forensic

bdCERT specialises in network forensic. If you are interested or like to have support from bdCERT on network forensic, please send an email to info[at]

Incident Response

bdCERT provides computer emergency response services to members and the wider computer network community. To report your incident please send mail to incident [at]

Training & Awareness Program

bdCERT specialises in computer security incident response training and security awareness program. Conduct and contribute to cyber security exercises.

Denial of Service Mitigation

Help identifying attack controllers & reach out to international partners to request takedown of attack controllers and mitigate attack traffic.

Incident Response Co-ordination

Point of Contact (PoC) secuirty incidients and help coordinating with internal and exteral entitiy for mitigating the incident.

Collaboration & Membership